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Project Management

Carole Ponchon SWinG Project Leader

Carole Ponchon

SWinG Project Leader & FFSE EU Project Manager

Frédéric Delanoy

FFSE Official representative

About the Coordinator

The French Federation for Company Sport (FFSE) was formed on March 29th 2003, transforming an already existing organisation that had been created in 1952. It groups together more than 2,000 structures which work on the development of sport for all within a community of work. The FFSE promotes the physical exercise and grassroots sport practice as a user-friendly way to improve health and well-being, as well as to strengthen social links and productivity within a company.


The SWinG consortium


Dr Ashleigh Huffman

Global Director of Gender Equality


 Jason Belinkie

Chief Operating Officer

About AFH

Athletes for Hope was founded in 2007 by several high-profile, philanthropically-minded athletes including Andre Agassi, Muhammad Ali, Mia Hamm, Jeff Gordon, and Jackie Joyner-Kersee.

As athletes who shared a deep commitment to giving back, our founders joined forces to create an organization that brings athletes together, to educate, inspire, and to empower them to channel their energies for a common goal: to make a difference in the world.

Website: Athlete for Hope


Marijke Fleuren



Tom Pedersen Smith

Development & Education Manager

About EHF

Founded in 1969, the European Hockey Federation (EHF) is the governing body of field hockey in Europe. Composed of 42 Member Associations of European nations, the EHF focus is that its governance and the one of its our member nations should be transparent, inclusive and accountable and should reflect fair play.

Website: European Hockey Federation


Marie-Christine Oghly


About FCEM

Founded in France in 1945, FCEM is the pioneer association uniting women business owners from the world (over 120 different countries and 5 million members). It brings together in solidarity and friendship, like-minded women who share a common interest: that of entrepreneurship. The network activities at the national and international level, are aimed at promoting women’s entrepreneurial initiative and reinforcing national associations of women business owners.

Website: Femmes Chefs d’Entreprises Mondiales


Gabriella  Bascelli

Head of International Relations

About Lazio

Lazio is the oldest and largest multisport society in Italy founded in Rome on January 9 1900.

As a Multisport club Lazio promotes several sport disciplines, both professional and grass- roots, within the same organization and denomination: currently more than 10.000 athletes are enrolled in 44 sections and 18 associated activities, practicing more than 70 different sports.

Website: Società Sportiva Lazio


Adam Evans

Assistant Professor


Gertrud Pfister

Emeritus Professor

About the University

The University of Copenhagen is one of the largest in Scandinavia, with over 40,000 students and more than 9,000 employees. The University of Copenhagen (KU) comprises six faculties and around 100 departments and centres, and emphasises gender awareness and gender equality as principles which is integrated in research and teaching.

Website: University of Copenhagen


Carole Bretteville

SWinG Project Expert, Member of the Women Commission


Guy de Grauwe

Vice President

About EFCS


The European Federation for Company Sport (EFCS) is a voluntary non-profit organisation based in Paris and gathering national company sport federations from 39 different countries (40 federations) of which 22 EU member states.

The EFCS’s main objective is to promote and develop sport practice in the professional environment all across Europe.

Website: European Federation for Company Sport


Rachel May

Committee Member


Polona Fonda

Communication Manager


 Ugne Chmeliauskaitė

Committee Member

AboutnENGSO Youth

ENGSO Youth is the non-profit youth organisation of ENGSO (European Non-Governmental Sport Organisation) with 41 members, which are all national umbrella organisations for sport from across Europe. ENGSO Youth focuses on the European Youth Sport for all sector.

Website:  ENGSO Youth



Cécile Bernheim



Marion Duc-Mouton


About PWN-Paris

Professional Women’s Network Paris, is a non for profit association and a member of the worldwide network PWN Global (gathering 29 countries mostly throughout Europe and about 4000 women).

PWN Paris is a network of 700 successful female executives. The association represents a true platform of development, offering support and numerous possibilities to encourage female leadership, the exchange of the best practices and individual and entrepreneurial opportunities.

Website: Professional Women’s Network Paris


Saska Benedicic Tomat



Lia Tomat

Member & Trainer

About PARTIZAN Skofja Loka

The Partizan is a local sport club located in Škofja Loka, Slovenia which organises different leisure sport programs in/for the local community. With around 2000 members, the club is among the larger members of the Sports Union of Slovenia.

Website: Sport Club Partizan Skofja Loka

To Sum Up

The SWinG project is really innovative in its constitution as it brings together various stakeholders that will allow both CROSS-SPORT and CROSS SECTOR activities and exchanges.

In facilitating the transfer of knowledge and good practice, the SWinG project will allow the partners and the sport sector in Europe to go faster than it could have done on its own while learning from each other.

  • The academics will offer their specific knowledge and know-how on developing consistent standards and indicators and ensure that the desk research and study carried out will be reliable.
  • The sport organisations will ensure that the specific needs of the sector are met and that the specificity of each level (local/national/European) are taken into account. They will also be instrumental in identifying and supporting the mentees.
  • Representatives from the business world will recruit mentors and showcase the importance of nurturing a women’s network in order to reach and sustain decision-making positions. They will also bring in specific leadership skills, as well as unique productivity tools that emerging women leaders may lack, yet need in order to advance into higher levels of decision-making..

It is a privilege and an honour to bring in such a strong and unique partnership. There is quite a unique buzzing energy in the consortium and I am confident that we have the right set of skills, experiences and willingness in the room. Yet we know everyone has a role to play and we will not achieve anything alone. That’s the reason why we will along the project call for joint-actions, seek synergies with other initiatives and invite associate partners.

Carole PonchonSWinG Project Leader
About the Project