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SWinG Partners Celebrate 2019 and Wish you well 1:17

A video that encapsulate what we have achieved together during the 1st year of SWinG… In developing this video, the SWinG partnership has been reflecting on the things we are most grateful for. And there are so many…

SWinG Mentees Empowering Session Nov 2019 1:16

Discover in a snapshot the atmosphere of the SWinG Mentees Empowering Session which took place in Copenhagen 8 to 10 November 2019.

SWinG Mentees Empowering Session – Message from Marijke 0:55

This video is a welcoming and supporting message from Marijke Fleuren, President of the European Hockey Federation, to all the SWinG mentees; It was delivered during the SWinG Mentees Empowering Session in Copenhagen (Nov 2019)

SWinG Mentors Orienteering Session 4:18

Shot during the SWinG Mentors Orienteering Session hosted by the MEDEF in Paris (4 Oct 2019), this video highlights the dynamic of the group of SWinG mentors.

SWinG Mentoring Scheme video 0:57

This video highlights the key elements and purpose of the SWinG mentoring scheme.

SWinG – Equality Cannot Wait – Invitation to look up 0:34

A motivational video to invite all women and girls to look up and step up!

SWinG women are gamechangers! 0:33

A quick video clip as part of the SWinG campaign to demonstrate women are born leaders and belong to the table.

SWinG Call for Participants video 1:07

A brief teaser to call out for SWinG mentees as we were launching the Call for Participants.

SWinG project introduction video 5:25

Shot during the Kick-off meeting, this video highlights the project purpose and the potential of the partnership (available in French only).

Launch of the SWinG website 0:11

A clip to announce the SWinG website and invite people to get ready to a new dance move.

SWinG logo revealed 0:10

A quick video clip as part of the SWinG campaign on International Women Day to reveal the SWinG logo.

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