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SWinG Official Launch

The time is now for sport to press for progress!


Paris, France: The French Federation for Company Sport is delighted to announce it has embarked together with 9 partners into a newly funded EU project as of 1st of January 2019. Acting as project leader, the FFSE has gathered a strong network of partners to roll out the SWinG – Support Women in achieving their Goal- project. For the first time at European level, a collaborative partnership will gather cross-sectoral stakeholders to develop a European version of the Anglo-Saxon concept of empowerment. The final aim will be to facilitate and support emerging/aspiring women sport leaders in achieving a change-making position in sport governing bodies. The project will promote Executive Board as an option for women volunteers in sport while also focusing on motivation, training, and skills development for the participants.


As Carole Bretteville, expert on gender equity and gender mainstreaming in sport in Europe, said “It is not enough to aim at reaching few elected women in representative roles in sport governing bodies to cope with quotas, what is needed is a new generation of women impact players in the boardroom.” With the SWinG project, the FFSE, Athletes for Hope, the European Federation for Company Sport (EFCS), the European Hockey Federation (EHF), ENGSO Youth, the network of Les Femmes Chefs d’Entreprises Mondiales (FCEM), the Professional Women’s Network (PWN), the Società Sportiva Lazio, the Sport Club Partizan Skofja Loka and the University of Copenhagen are joining forces to identify and nurture women emerging leaders and empower them to become real actors of change, CHANGE and DECISION MAKERS in the sport and physical activities sector. We all believe it is high time to act and during the course of the project we will be seeking synergies with other initiatives building upon the idea that is propelled by the FCEM -a pioneer association uniting women business owners from all over the world and one of the project partner- “Alone we are invisible. Together we are invincible.”


Co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union, the project will run from Jan 1st 2019 to Dec 31st 2021 and will aim to deliver three sets of outcomes:

  • A Europe-wide diagnostic of brakes and levers on women’s access to leadership positions
  • The creation and testing of a matrix for change for each sport organisations – building upon empowerment, a concept still underdeveloped in European culture
  • The development and delivery a communication campaign targeting sport organisations in Europe to increase the number of female decision makers

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