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Could and would it be you?


As you probably know, the FFSE has for a long time had a particular interest in the feminisation of its governing bodies.

With SWinG – Supporting women in achieving their goals – a 3-year project co-funded by the Erasmus + program of the European Union, we are going even further since January 2019.

With the support of 9 other organizations * from 7 different countries and different backgrounds, we aim to address one of the pressing challenges of sport: to bring more diversity to the decision-making bodies of sports organizations.

This is not just the first EU-funded project led by FFSE. It is also innovative in its holistic and cross-disciplinary approach to the sports and business worlds to provide a support and springboard for women leaders in sport.
Until December 2021, we will work together to develop nine intellectual products to develop, test and provide a concept to reduce the gender gap. The SWinG concept will rely primarily on the potential for mentoring and a support network of emerging women leaders with similar ideas or aspirations.

Today we are launching the SWinG call for participants and we would like to invite you personally to join us in this adventure as part of the SWinG mentorship program.I

The SWinG mentoring scheme has been designed as a mid-term transformative change programme. With this scheme we want to encourage more women to step up by providing them the support and network they need and deserved.

If you would be interested or know someone who might be, this is your chance to step up and be part of the adventure!

💬 SWinG partners are currently looking for 20/25 mentees aspiring to be elected in sport organizations and the same number of mentors from the business world.

Find out more -including timeline, profile and selection process- in the attached leaflet introducing this call for participants.

Given the uniqueness of this mentoring program and the limited number of seats, we have developed a registration form meant to be an expression of interest. It will remain open until July 27th.


Ready, Steady, Go 🙂


I want to apply as a MENTEE.

Read about the detailed specifications

Ready and willing to become a MENTOR?

Discover more about the SWinG programme

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