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SWinG Mentors and Mentees

We could not anticipate such a success!


SWinG’s Call for participants for SWinG mentors and mentees have been out for only 3 weeks this summer at the end of July -begining of August. And we received an incredible amount of applications: 49 for the mentees and 47 for the mentors.

The SWinG reviewing and selection commitee went through an intense two weeks of analyses of the applications received. The process was nothing but easy as we received a very great bunch of high level applications. Reality is we would have loved to be able to get 45 pairs of SWinG mentors and mentees. However our human capacity and the project budget did not allow us to do so.

Based on the various selection criteria that were defined by the partnership during the first 6 months of the project, we ended up selecting 20 couples. We are poud to offficially introduced to you today these 20 couples of mentors and mentees.

We are happy to share some key facts about these selected SWING mentors and mentees.

  • They are representing 21 different nationalities
  • SWinG participants are from various backgrounds. The average age of the SWinG mentees is 34,5 years and the average age of the SWinG mentors is 47.5 years.
  • The areas of expertise from the SWinG mentors are in Business Governance and Strategy, in Leadership, in Communication, in Finance, and in Change Management
  • When asked to mention their 3 main qualities, 60% of the SWinG mentors replied “Open Minded”, 40% “Insightful”; 40% “Energetic”, 30% “Active Listener” and 30% “Trustworthy”.

💬 SWinG partners find it hard to believe how promising and great the line up of selected mentors and mentees for the SWinG mentoring programme is. Check this out!

As for all those who were not selected, there will be many SWinG events during the project lifespan -including workshops and conference- and therefore it might be the opportunity for them to be involved in another capacity. We indeed value their commitment and experience.


Dowload the ‘SWinG Meet the Matches’ Document

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