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Let us introduce you to Annick Segabiot Viator

Annick has been an active player in sports as an athlete, volunteer, and professionally. Sport has always been part of her life- whether  it was karate, basketball or, in more recent years, Triathlon. Annick’s energetic, creative and passionate character has fuelled her active contribution to the sector.

As well as training and competing as a triathlete, Annick Segabiot Viator is on the board of directors for the local Triathlon Federation. She has also launched her own organisation which drives business leaders to prioritise the health of their employees. Through her business, she works with companies to get their staff physically active. Her passion for her work drives her or on a daily basis and she can see the change it offers individual workers and their environments.

Annick is a strong advocate for gender equality, and is exploring ways that she can use her sport, triathlon, to play its part in empowering women. She values action and results, and this is what her leadership style demonstrates and inspires in others.

Annick’s strength of character can be demonstrated by the fact that she overcame a serious fear of water to become an triathlete – she has since gone on to complete a full Iron Man!

Through the SWinG project, Annick Segabiot Viator aims to explore her own limits, even further. She is open-minded, generous and values learning from her peer mentees, who are equally driven to lead change in sport.


For SWinG, Annick is being mentored by Anne Sophie Gimenez from WiDiD, France.

Annick Segabiot Viator

Promoter of sport for all and thinker of fresh ideas.

Annick’s strenghts

Project management & events planning




Energetic and full of ideas


Annick completes Tours’nMan Iron Man in Tours, France in 2019. [Photo: @Cécile et Christophe]

Favorite quote

“Never give up”

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