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Let us introduce you to Emilie Vedel Blankschøn

At just 24 years old, Emilie has already been an influential leader in sport in Denmark as both an athlete and a coach. Emilie was once a swimmer, but preferred sporting life as a part of a team, in hockey.

Emilie won the Danish Hockey Championships, alongside her mother and sister who played together in the same team. Beyond competing on an international level, Emilie has volunteered as a coach in Hockey for more than 8 years. She now plays hockey in the second division in Germany and chairs the European Hockey Federation’s Youth Panel. This role gives her great new opportunities to learn and lead.

Emilie Vedel Blankschøn has built a career in marketing and insurance, and simultaneously dedicates a significant amount of her time and energy to volunteering for the development of her sport in Denmark. Emilie is open-minded, generous and determined. For the future, she aspires to achieve gender equality within Hockey in Denmark. Emilie previously co-led the reinstatement of the country’s National Women’s Team, which is now finally again playing internationally.

Emilie Vedel Blankschøn is an empathetic leader who brings out the best in others and finds inspiration in the people closest to her. She looks to grow in all areas of her life and continually drives herself forward by harnessing the opportunities that come her way.

Through the SWinG programme, Emilie aims to develop the political skills, necessary to navigate the sport sector. She is determined to continually learn from others and seeks to share experiences with her mentor and fellow mentees to identify the best ways to overcome barriers.

For SWinG, Emilie is being mentored by Carole El Zein Corbanese from SEEDERS & Co, France.

Emilie Vedel Blankschøn

A fierce promoter for gender equality within Hockey in Denmark

Emilie’s strenghts

Empathetic leader


Determined and committed


Communication with different target groups

Emilie after a filed hockey training

Emilie after an intense field-hockey training.

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