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Let us introduce you to Sari Kuosmanen

Sari grew up in a small village in Eastern Finland and now lives in Helsinki working for the Finnish Olympic Committee.

From a young age she has thrown herself into all sorts of sports and different leadership roles.

Sari Kuosmanen has enjoyed 20 years experience in the sport sector and is a pioneer for her sport, American Football in Finland. She has been involved in all capacities – as an athlete, coach and board member, and has increased the number of girls and women playing the sport in her country. From playing internationally, to developing the sport on a national level she has undeniably been an influential leader in sport.

Professionally and personally – Sari has continually been an activist for social justice and gender equality in sport. Sari’s strength of character and her well-grounded understanding of the normalised practices we witness against women, equips her to lead development within her sport, and beyond. She has the experience, expertise and will to catalyse cultural progress for real change.

Sari has a wealth of experience and roles, but is nonetheless seeking further challenges as a volunteer and leader in sport. She is passionate about ensuring the accessibility of sport for everyone, as well as promoting good governance and responsible practice within organisations. We look forward to seeing what will be next for Sari and how the sport sector will undoubtedly benefit.
Through the SWinG programme, Sari Kuosmanen looks forward to learning from her mentor and connecting business and networking with the social and environmental topics she cares most about.


For SWinG, Sari is being mentored by Valéria Makarova from Domaines Labruyère, France.

Sari Kuosmanen

An activist for social justice and gender equality in sport

Sari’s strenghts

Understanding different point of views


Leadership and team-leading skills


Extensive experience in the sport sector


Sari on the field playing American Football

Favorite quote

“Be careful what you dream it might come true”

Robert S. Kerr, American businessman and politician from Oklahoma

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